Traveling in India

Traveling in India

The reason I started traveling in India was to complete a 200 HR. teacher training program in Anandpur Sahib with my brother. At the time, I was the co-owner  a couple of yoga studios and I traveled to India because I wanted to teach from an “authentic” place. If you teach yoga and don’t take the time to study in India (finances allowing) then you are missing the little spark from India that is important in teaching. Thank GOD I traveled with my brother. Had I known then what I know now, I would have avoided Air India, and I would have arranged a car prior to arriving in Delhi.

traveling to India in Anandpur Sahib
Martena traveling to India in Anandpur Sahib



Anyway, we arrived and were supposed to take a connection flight to Amritsar, but-fog. Okay, no connecting flight. So my brother graciously traveled with the gun wielding armed guard in the typical pointless hierarchical voyage between managers, supervisors and the inevitable unplugged land line around the terminal to try to find out how the fuck we were going to get to Amritsar if there was no actual airplane taking us there.

Eventually we were given the, “I’m sorry sir” please go wait outside there is a bus coming. So we stood outside the old International airport for about maybe 2 hours to enjoy the scenery….bull, pig, elephant, man asking for my bags, taxi. These moments are really important in life-if you teach ANYTHING. The moments of complete confusion, instability, and the questioning of your own sanity, the sense of everything. These moments are what we should be living for-and that is why I think most people travel to India.


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