Travel to Thailand

Travel to Thailand Begins Here

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Does Not Include:

Day 1 (may be switched with Day 2):

Elephant tour as above with overnight stay in hammocks at our Jungle Lodge.

Day 2 (may be switched with Day 1):

Full day Jungle Trek with an experienced Bunong hill tribe Guide (no elephants on this day).

Tour Includes (note that the 18km is a medium-hard hike):

REQUIRED: Passports and Visas

Once you’ve got your passport, apply for a visa online at the THIS LINK.

Your Opportunity to Volunteer

Travel with Hunnyfly to Thailand this summer! Work with elephants, see the excitement of Bangkok and enjoy the beautiful beaches. Bangkok Hotels are luxurious with A/C, spas, gyms and all the comfort of home. Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia will allow us to get up close and personal with these elephants AND learn about the new conservation and education policies. Relax in style at the plush Beaches once back in Thailand!

Daily activities vary from shopping, visit the Emerald Buddha Temple, and the spectacular Thai beach lifestyle.

What to Pack:

Meals at the Sanctuary:

We have a team of local women who prepare authentic and delicious Khmer food daily. At lunch you might be served soups and stir fries and a plate of tropical fruit for dessert. Dinner is a traditional hill tribe soup cooked in bamboo over the campfire. Breakfast is pancakes.